Do you know what happens when you sleep on a hard, cold, dirty surface? Your back hurts and you’re vulnerable to insects that may cause disease. The same thing can happen to your pet. Protect her with the Pet Destination Pet Bed Liner. Made with soft fleece to ensure your pet has a warm, cozy, and peaceful night of sleep. Couple with our Oxford pet bed, kennel, cage, or playpen and you have the perfect holiday gift for pet lovers.

P.D Soft padded good quality Pet bed

    • Buy a Trusted Brand Name - Oxford is the #1 Top Rated by Consumers when it comes to Pet Supplies & Accessories
    • Designed Ideal Use for Cage Tray, Crates, Carriers, Kennels, Vehicles, Dog Houses and Cat Homes
    • Padded Slumber Bumper Rim Built into All Sides for Pets to Rest Their Cozy Head On
    • Ultra-Soft Fleece Lined Cushioned Cotton Base, Synthetic Sheepskin or Plush Fur
    • Keeps Pets Cot Super Comfortable; Cool in the Summer, and Warm in the Winter

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